Fan Appreciation February 2015

Fan Appreciation February 2015
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This month we’ve decided to celebrate a group dear to Christopher: you, his fans! Without the robust support of readers, he would never get to do what he loves most, storytelling. During the next few weeks, we’ll be releasing articles featuring the work of fans and launch a giveaway. In the meantime, we invite you to participate in February’s festivities! This can be done in a number of ways:

  • Where are you? Join our virtual world-wide tour by sharing a snapshot of yourself and your favorite book in the Inheritance Cycle. We would love to see something that represents the country (or state) where you live. For example, you could take the photo standing next to a landmark, book in hand, or in your living room with a poster that let’s us know which country you’re in. Feel free to be creative! Tag your image with #EragonWorldwide on your favorite photo-sharing services (i.e. Instagram, Facebook, Flickr, Pintrest, etc.).


  • The Inheritance Cycle has been published in many different languages. Send us a video of you reading the first paragraph of the prologue of Eragon aloud in your native tongue! Simply upload the clip to your favorite video-sharing service (i.e. Youtube, Vimeo, Vine, Facebook, etc.) with the hashtag #MyEragon.
  • Over the years, readers have sent Christopher poignant stories of how his fantasy series affected their lives in unexpected, meaningful ways. In honor of these fans, we are launching a monthly series featuring these vignettes. If you have an experience you would like to share, please do so here!

At the end of February, we’ll create galleries on that feature our favorites. (Please note that if you participate in these social media events, you are consenting to inclusion in the above mentioned galleries.)

So stay tuned! We have lots more planned for this month of celebration. You don’t want to miss it!



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