One Year Anniversary Celebration: Our Favorite Alagaësia and Sci-fi Project Highlights

As we continue to celebrate the one year anniversary of, we turn our sights to our collection of exciting Inheritance Cycle and sci-fi project content!

More of Alagaësia

Have you wondered if Christopher will return to Alagaësia? Here are his thoughts on revisiting the world in a fifth novel (“Book Five”)!

You don’t have to wait for Book Five to enjoy new stories featuring your favorite characters, however. Our exclusive deleted scenes from Brisingr provide insight into the Urgals’ culture and further demonstrate Eragon’s healing abilities. “The Swordsman,” a previously-unreleased vignette from Inheritance, will transport you to the Battle of Belatona, as Eragon faces off with an enigmatic foe.

Begin Your Journey

Looking to adventure alongside your favorite characters? We have the tools you need! Utilize our dwarf and ancient language grammar guides and dictionaries to help your quest to become a magician. Prepare to encounter wild dragons by reviewing the mythology behind the fantastical beasts, and safeguard yourself with our lesson on making swords and swordfighting!

Inheritance Cycle Goodies

Did you know that Angela’s frogs vs. toads quandary was inspired by a real conversation Christopher’s sister had with her uncle, Bruce? Discover additional trivia in our collection of Christopher’s favorite authors, artists, and media seeded throughout the Cycle. We also gathered many pop culture references to the books, such as Durza’s appearance on Jeopardy, Christopher’s appearance on Sugar Dome, and even a Guinness World Record.

Our latest series, Encyclopedia Alagaësia, offers a comprehensive look at Brom the Storyteller and Ellesméra, the elves’ homeland. You can find other exciting tidbits, including details on Saphira’s parents, elven space travel, and Galbatorix’s final spell in our Q&A archive.

Our Fans

You are part of a fan community that spans the globe. Earlier this year, we invited readers worldwide to share photos with their books and videos reading from Eragon. Come and see!

And check out some of Christopher’s prized gifts from fans – a replica of Zar’roc, his Book of Fans, and an assortment of dragon figurines.

A New Frontier

Our announcement of Christopher’s next project, a sci-fi novel, sparked a wave of theorizing and discussions. Will it take place within our universe? Will there be aliens? What about dragons in space?!

While he’s chosen to keep the plot a surprise, he has teased us with comments about spaceships, lasers, explosions, and strange new planets. And it’s fun to see photos of his growing manuscript on Twitter each time he adds a new chapter.


These highlights are just a small glimpse into goodies found throughout our website. Have a look around – you’re bound to discover something exciting!

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Mike Macauley

Mike Macauley is the founder of, editor in chief of, and author of The Inheritance Almanac. Mike can be found on Twitter at @mikemacauley.