Q&As with Christopher: Twitter Recap!

Christopher recently participated in a live Twitter Q&A with his followers, answering over 130 questions. Check out a recap of his exciting answers below!

Image courtesy Eragon’s Guide to Alagaësia


@Aleeh_bd: What are you doing these days? On which project are you now?

Working on a sci-fi book right now. It’s going really well!

@Charliepe4100: When will your new sci-fi novel be out?

As soon as possible. 🙂 Hope you’ll enjoy it!

@SamuelTolbert: Any news on the sci-fi novel you are working on? Even hints?

“’Twas brillig, and the slithy toves/Did gyre and gimble in the wabe;”

@NolanHolley: Where on the scale in terms of “hard” sci-fi is your current project?

8.5 on the hardness scale, where 1 is DRAGONS IN SPACE! And 10 is a physics textbook. #ihope #fingerscrossed

@Jamaha3: What’s the first word of your new book?

“the” … but it’s subject to change.

@Mattrosenberg: What POV will your next book be in?

Limited third person. 😀

@Fierengraw: Are you planning to use pre-chapter epigraphs in your new book?

Ha! No, it would break the POV too much. However I do like them.

@Atarianne: Would you ever make a crossover between Eragon and the book you’re currently writing?

That would be rather difficult, I think. 🙂

@MojoMagic3: Which sci-fi books would you most recommend us to read to get hyped for your sci-fi novel?

Dune, Starship Troopers, Hyperion (and sequels).

@MaryGryff: Do you intend to go on a world tour with the release of your new book?

Maybe. That’s partly up to the publisher.


@Luigi_atlante: Will you ever write a new Eragon book? We miss your characters!

Yup! I have Book V all planned and plotted out! Just have to finish my other projects first!

@WildandPredsFan: Is your next Inheritance Cycle book going to also take place in Alagaësia and with Eragon and most of the same characters?

Alagaësia, yes. However, there’ll be some new characters … and many old characters.

@TSD_Adler: How long until we get to visit Alagaësia again? Whether that is in a book form, or in a movie.

As soon as possible, I hope!

@Studdlylxuis: Are you going to write one or more books in the Inheritance Cycle?

Heh. I have sooo many stories planned. *evil grin*

@guz4pack: Have you considered writing a book detailing what happened before and up to the Fall of the Riders?


@VZsuzska: Are you planning to write books about wild dragons?

Not at the moment, but maybe someday!

@ProjectONI616: Will Book Five be a continuation of the story or a prequel?

Continuation, though I may write a prequel at some point.

@SuryHern: Can you tell us a clue from Book 5?

Light and shadow shall meet in an epic battle. Bwahahaha! #ineverjokeaboutstories

@Andigarmendia: Can you give us a hint about Book 5?

Everyone in Alagaësia has overlooked something really, really important with regard to the new peace they hope to establish.

@Corbyn66: Will the new book feature Eragon?

Great question! … No comment.

@Cjb3839: Do we get more of Roran and Murtagh in Book 5?

Heh. I’ll take it under consideration.

@Baker2Justin: Did Eragon ever find love?

You’ll have to read the next book to find out!

@Laurel_Deer: Will the tension concerning the possible romance between Eragon and Arya by the end of Inheritance ever be fully resolved?

No comment. 🙂

@LunePotter: Will there be Eragon/Arya moments in Book 5?

I can’t spoil it, but I think you’ll enjoy Book V. 😀

@Studdlylxuis: Any dwarf or Urgal Riders going to be introduced in Book 5?

Maaaybe. 😀

@angry_ra: Will we ever know Murtagh and Nasuada’s future?


@EStewart_23: Will we ever find out what the seven words were that Brom whispered to Eragon before he died?


@Tflynn: Will we ever find out about the new land Eragon sails off to? What about the Grey Folk?

Yes and yes. 🙂

@NarcysDope: Will we find out more about Angela’s master [Tenga] and the possible idea that there is another race of humanoids out there?


@MaryGryff: Will Roran take an important place in the reconstruction of Alagaësia?

Of course. As Lord of Palancar Valley.

@JudgeThyNot: Will we ever find out what the Menoa Tree took from Eragon?


@MaryGryff: Are we going to see more about the new Dragon Riders’ training? Will Eragon train them by himself?

He’ll have some help from the elves, remember.

@Luisjimeneez: When are we going to know the names of the remaining Foresworn?


@Ras2193: Does the land the humans and Ra’zac came from have a name?

Of course! (Not that I’m going to say it here. :D)

@RaeBode19: Does Elva have anything to do with Eragon after the happenings in Inheritance?

No comment. 😀

@ChagartyNZ: Who was the woman blessed at Angela’s request?

The subject of another story.

@CainTrain_19: Can you give us more details about the lands the humans first came from and why they left?

It’s something I’m saving for future books. 🙂


@GarmDrottning: What is the best about the fandom?

Your amazing enthusiasm and devotion. Thank you!

@RaeBode19: What is your favorite moment in the Inheritance Cycle?

Yikes. Don’t think I could pick just one!

@Potterwoodtmf: How did you feel when you finished Eragon?

Overwhelmed. Exhausted. Exhilarated. Nigh incoherent. . . . You know, the usual.

@AzucendaDG: Did you miss not writing about Eragon once you finished Inheritance?

Very much so.

@Starkosaurusrex: Since you foreshadowed the ending of the last book in the first, did that mean you already had all the books planned out?

Of course. And I’ve already set up a whole bunch of stuff for Book V in the cycle. 😀

@Camtheman526: Looking back, are you happy with how you ended the Inheritance Cycle?


@Luisjmeneez: What do you think of the people unhappy about Eragon and Arya not ending up together?

I understand their point of view, but obviously, I think I did what was best for the characters and the story.

@Calebdixon_usc: What was the hardest ending to write: Eragon’s, Roran’s, etc.?


@DonRam_: Why couldn’t we get an Eragon and Arya kiss just once?

Because it would have broken Arya’s character. But their story isn’t over yet! 😉

@Bluedragon0110: How did you find such great names for your characters?

Real languages/cultures. My invented languages. Word play (sapphire/Saphira).

@DragonKonig: If I remember correctly, Angela had “the sharpest sword” or something. Could it cut a Rider’s sword?

I don’t know! Let’s find out!

@AnyaKylash: Is Angela a Time Lord who enjoys ambiguously messing with the politics and people of Alagaësia, especially Eragon?

It’s a good theory, isn’t it. 😀

@MemyselfandIan1: Is Angela the most singularly powerful humanoid in your books? If not, then who?

Eragon’s the most powerful in terms of pure energy, but I’d rather fight him than Angela.

@Starkosaurusrex: Why is Angela so mysterious and feared? Where did she come from and where did she get her skills?

It’s a mystery, isn’t it?

@elsaabyrd13: Will we ever know Angela’s backstory or who she is?

You’ll learn a lot more about her. But every answer I provide will only raise three more questions!

@Rice_Penguin: How did Angela and Solembum meet?

THAT is a story for another time and another place.

@PoeCoe23: Could Angela have changed her name and appearance and actually been Eragon’s mother Selena?

Implausible but not impossible. After all, is there anything Angela *can’t* do?

@AloneHorizon: Do toads exist?

You really should ask @Angela_Paolini

@WitchChild_Elva: I think the general public would like some Elva fun facts. Please.

She once watched a man stub his toe and fall, and she didn’t intervene. And it made her happy.

@Ryanjhowson: Did you plan the Roran storyline from the beginning?


@DanielScott21: After the events of Book 4, anyone could become a Rider if chosen. Could Roran in particular learn magic/be a Dragon Rider?

He could, but it’s unlikely at this point.

@Sth60493: What was your inspiration for Roran?

I tried to imagine a tougher, more grown-up version of Eragon.

@Sam_qu: How did you come up with all of the swear words Roran uses?

I actually have a dictionary of old slang. That and I made up a few. Fun times.

@AlphaLarka: In the first book, what was included in the letter Brom left Roran?

Advice on how to live a good and useful life, of course.

@ChagartyNZ: Don’t you worry that the true name of the Ancient Language is like god modding?

It is, and it’s a problem. That’s one reason, among many, why Eragon had to leave.

@Sam_qu: Does one’s true name change as they change? Can Eragon return because his true name changed?

The name doesn’t change your future per-say. Who you are changes your future choices, though. As for the latter . . . That’s a great question, but I couldn’t possibly comment.

@SereLeaf: Do you think that Murtagh would think of going to help Eragon with the new Riders?

I’m sure he would, but I’m equally sure he wouldn’t do it anytime soon after the end of Inheritance.

@OverlordMorzan: What would happen in the event of a Dragon Rider being disciplined by his or her master?

Depends on the offense. You might have to apologize, or clean something, or build a mountain out of snail shells.

@Ras2193: Was Rhunon was born in Alagaësia or she came from Alalea?

Alalea, if I remember correctly.

@Rice_penguin: How old are Alana and Dusan?

Old for humans, in their prime for elves.

@Mattrosenberg: Who do you fancy is prettier, Arya or Nasauada?

I think a man would be lucky to win the affections of either of them. Can’t pick favorites.

@LaceyUp: When did Arya start falling in love with Eragon?

Love might be too strong of a word at the moment, but when Eragon started to see her as an individual.

@Rice_penguin: In your opinion, what is the creepiest creature in Alagaësia?

The lonely Ra’zac who stays up late in his den, cooing to his pet burrow grubs. *skree-skree* *skree-skroo*!

@SassySaraC: What was your thought process/inspiration behind the Ra’zac?

Crickets are terrifying.

@Sharksfan_loz: Whose leadership style do you respect the most?


@Luisjimeneez: Who do you think would win in a fight, Galbatorix or the Hulk?


@G_nunpa52: In their prime and with no magic of any sort, who would win in a sword fight: Morzan or Oromis?

Oromis. Dude, he’s an elf. You can’t beat a high elf master even if you are a Rider!

@Rice_Penguin: How did you come up with Blagden?

Dunno. He just seemed right.

@Rice_Penguin: Do unicorns exist in Alagaësia?

I actually had a unicorn in the first draft of Eragon. But I cut him. Who needs unicorns when you have dragons!

@OverlordMorzan: How old was Morzan when his dragon hatched?

Late teens, like most human Riders.

@OverlordMorzan: What did Morzan do before he became a Rider?

Not much. He was pretty young (like Brom) when a dragon chose him.

@OverlordMorzan: What’s Morzan better with, magic or Zar’roc?

He’s equally good.

@MercenaryMother: Did Selena ever do anything just to anger or annoy Morzan?

Yes. And the consequences were dire.

@OverlordMorzan: Did Selena get along with Morzan’s dragon?

To a degree. I think she was rather frightened of it.

@OverlordMorzan: How long were Morzan and Selena together before they married?

Not that long. Inside of a year.

@OverlordMorzan: How did Morzan and Galbatorix meet? Was Morzan already feeling unhappy and rebellious?

Morzan was a bully, and Galbatorix exploited that.

@OverlordMorzan: Any background information on Morzan?

Morzan once carved his name into the back of Galbatorix’s throne, and Galbatorix never found out. 😀

@Juani0_0: When you created Arya’s character, were you in love with someone?

Ha! No.

@Sinoestastu: Who are your favorite and least favorite characters in the Cylce?

Saphira, Elva, Nasuada, and Roran are favorites. Arya I had difficulty writing, but I still liked her.

@ShurtugalTCG: Who is your favorite dragon in the Inheritance Cycle?


@Andrewcochell: What’s your favorite color dragon?


@Femmestorm: Is there anything you took out of the books that you regretted having done so later?

Not really, although there are a few things I later wished I’d put in!

@Rice_penguin: How soon into writing Eragon did you start drawing the map of Alagaësia, Brom’s ring, etc.?

Map when Eragon and company left Palancar Valley. Saphira’s eye when the book was done. The others much later.

@Cmurzua: What is the main difference between you and Eragon?

I’m a little more like Roran and Murtagh than just Eragon.

@Andigarmendia: If you could live in Alagaësia, would you like to be a Dragon Rider?

Of course! Who wouldn’t?!

@Darnitdarnit: Have you ever come across or drawn a 100% satisfying image of what Saphira looks like to you?

Not the dragons. No one (including me) has managed to capture the sparkly scales.

@RaeBode19: What was your biggest source of inspiration for Eragon and the subsequent books?

All the fantasy books I fell in love with growing up. Too many to list!

@ShurtugalTCG: What was your most satisfying part of the Inheritance Cycle to write?

The beginning . . . and the ending. 😉

@AydinSaribal: Can you write a book similar to The World of Ice and Fire but for the Inheritance Cycle?

Have you checked out Eragon’s Guide to Alagaësia?

@Sth60493: How did you realize you wanted to and had the vision to write the Inheritance Cycle?

Heh. I wasn’t sure I could write until I actually did. But I knew I wanted to at fifteen.


@Sth60493: How do you feel about the overwhelming support to reboot the Eragon movie?

Really impressed. Seriously, it’s having an impact. You’re all the best!

@Luigi_atlante: Would you like to see another Eragon adaptation? If so, who would you like to see as Eragon?

I’d love to see another Eragon adaptation. As for who would play the role . . . probably a new or unknown actor.

@MikeRuello_: What’s the likelihood of seeing the Inheritance Cycle in theaters?

Not a clue, but I’m working on it!

@Nickjlunn: How involved do you want to be in the process of possibly redoing the Inheritance movies?

I’d direct them if I could.

@MaryGryff: If an adaptation happened, would you be participating?

You bet I would!

@JonMeschutt: Would you be interested in having the Inheritance Cycle become a TV series like Game of Thrones?

Very much! My biggest concern would be whether they could pull off the special effects on a TV budget.

@Juanki_gt: What would you have changed in the past adaptation of Eragon?

Heh. Oh, this and that. 🙂


@Evanv_: Which of your books is your favorite?

Eragon, because it was my first, and the one I’m writing now, because it’s my latest.

@Couldbemaybe: Did you invent the languages of Alagaësia? If so, how?

Yup. Just muddled through as best I could without linguistics training. Would do a better job now, I think. 😀

@SereLeaf: Were you ever declined by publishers while trying to publish Eragon?

Nope. I was very fortunate to have the publishers approach me and ask to release the book through their companies.

@MichaelaRBrown: Which authors do you think influence your writing style the most?

Hard to say. King. Le Guin. Herbert. Eddison. Peake.

@Towwcurren: Best advice for a young writer?

Find a good editor!

@Megairontallica: What kind of process did you have when starting the Cycle, and what aspect of the writing was the focus?

Write the story. Survive. Do as good a job as I could. Write as much as I could each day.

@Wolfgrl15: What was the inspiration behind writing the Inheritance Cycle?

Boredom. And I loved the book “Jeremy Thatcher Dragon Hatcher” by Bruce Coville.

@EvanGakeler: How did you first get your creative writing career off the ground?

Wrote a book that people wanted to read. Proceeded from there. 🙂

@AbsalomHall: What inspires you?

A sense of awe and wonder, and frustration that it’s so hard to find books that I enjoy reading myself!

@EmmaDe: How in the world do you even begin to put a story on paper?

Plot it out beforehand and then just start writing. There’s no other way.

@MaryGryff: What kind of books did you start reading when you were a child? This tells a lot about your writing.

Nancy Drew. Tom Swift. Ramona. Narnia. Little House on the Prairie. Lots of stuff like that.

@KoutrelakosN: I’m about to publish my first book and you’ve been a huge role model to me over the years! Any advice on how to do the best I can?

Get all the publicity you can, and be nice to everyone! They remember! Best of luck!

@JustinVVasHere: How did you become a writer?

By putting words on paper. I know it sounds simplistic, but that’s really how it’s done.

@McMillenAC: What inspired you to write at such a young age?

Boredom and an overwhelming love of stories and fantasy.


@MauricioLeon372: What are your hobbies? How much does it take you to write a chapter?

Drawing, lifting weights, carving, making chain mail. Depends on the chapter length.

@Summers_natale: What is your favorite way to relax?

Lift weights and/or blow things up in video games!

@Sharksfan_loz: Ever been to Australia? Any planned visits to sign books? It’s a pretty rad place!

Yup! Even made it down to Tasmania. Would like to go back.

@JOrtiz45: I’ll be visiting Montana in the summer. Would love to visit a place you drew inspiration from, if possible.

Go through Paradise Valley, then, by Livingston. You’ll get the full experience. 🙂

@Summers_natale: If you could live in a fictional world, which would you choose and why?

Alagaësia, because then I would be GOD!!!

@Rice_Penguin: You said you’d be a dwarf if you lived in Alagaësia, so as a dwarf, do you believe in the dwarves’ gods?

As a dwarf I would BE one of their gods! Bwahahahaha!

@RaeBode19: Would you choose your elves of Tolkien’s?

Mine, of course! (Although I wouldn’t mind visiting with Elron. Rivendell sounds like a wonderful place.)

@Alex__Norman: What other modern fantasy/sci-fi authors do you enjoy?

Rothfuss. Reading Gene Wolfe right now.

@James_justus: Which new movie are you most looking forward to this year?

Mad Max and Avengers.

@Atarianne: What’s your favorite video game?

Myst, Riven, Marathon Infinity, Mass Effect 1&2, Portal 1&2, Unreal Tournament 2004, Halo 3, Skyrim, etc.

@Han_Jazz_Rose: What is your favorite instrument or type of music?

I love orchestral music, movie scores, classical, and all sorts of weird stuff. Favorite instrument? … Tuba.

@Rice_penguin: What threat do earwigs and wild hamsters pose?

BEHOLD, the terror that is the wild hamster: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cf06WJQ4FnE

@Abdulatheem: Have ever took a Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) test? And if yes, what is your result?

Yup. Can’t remember now. It was something about me being very intense and driven though, so . . .

Mike Macauley

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