New Q&A with Christopher (and Chiara the Cat)

Greetings everyone! Christopher had a fresh opportunity to sit down and answer a few fan questions, with a special guest appearance by Chiara the Cat. (She definitely steals the show!) Topics range from Christopher’s next in person tour, if pineapple belongs on pizza, and whether Tenga ever found the answer. A complete list of questions follows below. Q&A Christopher Chiara

00:00 Intro and Czech edition of To Sleep in a Sea of Stars reveal
01:00 Did Tenga ever find the answer?
01:11 Can a dragon become a shade? If so, how powerful would they be?
01:50 What is your favorite use of magic in the Inheritance Cycle?
02:22 Will Roran ever lift the rock? Is he worthy?

03:09 Will each season of the new Disney+ series be one of the four books, or will the show just focus on Eragon for now?
04:18 Are Nasuada’s oppressive magic user policies going to be a major plot point in the future of the Inheritance universe?
05:16 Will you remake your lost interactive text-based adventure?
06:08 How was Kira responsible for the Nightmares? (Spoiler alert!)
08:16 Who were your biggest inspirations in writing? And was it ever harder for you to write in general?

09:46 Have you ever had to delete a scene you liked but didn’t serve the story? And have you ever deleted all or part of a book because it wasn’t working?
12:55 When is your next in person tour?
13:34 Does pineapple belong on a pizza?
13:53 Would you enjoy being an eternal entity, free to explore the universe but unable to talk to anybody ever again?

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Q&A Christopher Chiara

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