Livestream 2022 Recap and Giveaway!

Thank you to the thousands of fans who joined us for yesterday’s (December 29, 2022) livestream Q&A with Christopher! As promised, here is a list of relevant links, giveaway signup, and a recap chapter list below! Note that if you watch the video on Youtube directly, all chapters will be linked so you can skip to the answers that most intrigue you with the simple click of your mouse or tap of your finger. Livestream 2022 Recap

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01:45 Greeting
02:25 Immanuela Introduction
03:50 Two new books coming this year: Fractal Noise and Dragon Book!
06:22 Book tours will be happening! Details not released yet.
06:47 Disney+ Eragon is proceeding forward; key personnel still being selected.

07:27 Giveaway announcement and initial details
10:23 Holly introduction
10:42 First round of questions
10:51 Does Eragon still write poems like the one he wrote for the blood ceremony?
11:10 How old is Eragon by the end of Inheritance?

11:41 Did the city of El Harim from the poem Nasuada recited have anything to do with whatever Murtagh and Thorn are going to encounter in the north? Also was the man in the poem a shade since his eyes were yellow?
12:20 Did Galbatorix have Shruikan’s eldunarí or was it still inside of Shruikan?
14:03 Anyone specific Christopher would like to compose the music score for Eragon?
15:22 Is Chris going to include other dragon forms like the eastern salamander or the European wyverns?
16:16 What did Linnëa take from Eragon?

16:26 Does Christopher have actors in mind already for the series?
17:11 What is something Christopher would change about book 1 if he could go back?
19:09 Has there been anyone who thought dragons arose sexlessly, similar to how Aristotle thought eels came from mud?
20:14 How old does Christopher want Eragon it look in the Disney+ show?
22:18 How does Jeod know of the existence of the Inarë and when in the books did Eragon see them?

24:22 Fractal Noise Reading
34:04 Giveaway Merch Intro
34:25 Giveaway merch: signed books
35:10 Giveaway merch: map of Alagaësia blanket
37:35 Giveaway merch: yawë pin

38:34 Giveaway merch: brisingr pin
39:40 Giveaway merch: Little One sticker
40:22 Giveaway merch: black and white map of Alagaësia
40:55 Giveaway merch: color map of Alagaësia
41:46 Giveaway merch: Fractalverse Galaxy woven blanket

42:50 Giveaway merch: Map of Alagaësia woven tapestry
43:50 Christopher is making a world map of Alagaësia!
44:24 Conclusion of merch show and tell.
44:47 Announcement of hardcover edition of Unity
46:50 Potential leather-bound editions and other secret projects

47:21 Second round of questions
47:34 Will we ever know Angela’s true name and past?
47:46 Who was the dragon that was in Lord Barst’s armored chest?
48:21 Is the map/geography of Alagaësia inspired by Christopher’s homeland in Montana?
49:06 Where in the world would Christopher want the Eragon adaptations to be filmed?

50:20 Will Arya make an appearance in the next dragon book? Will there be any familiar characters?
50:36 Will we learn more about Tenga?
50:42 Is this like a multiverse situation with Eragon and TSiaSoS? Or just a crossover?
51:07 How are Christopher’s babies doing? (with an appearance by Chiara the Cat!)
53:10 Is it possible that there will be more entries in the Tales from Alagaësia anthology series? (with additional discussion about Christopher’s daughter’s custom cradle)

55:21 Does Christopher think he’ll make movies about the rest of the Eragon books?
55:59 Is the the size of the Beor Mountains a result of magic somehow?
57:05 Can speaking in the ancient language let you learn objective truth?
58:54 Could a Dragon Rider choose to use a brightsteel weapon other than a sword, i.e. spear? (along with extra info about magic and objective truth)
1:00:34 Would Christopher rather use CGI for the Urgals or more of a Peter Jackson approach with prosthetics?

1:01:17 Is Eragon illiterate?
1:01:53 Besides the Inheritance Cycle and the Fractalverse, does Christopher plan on writing other science fiction and fantasy? (And hidden project reveal!)
1:05:18 Eragon excerpt reading intro and miscellaneous information
1:08:02 Eragon reading
1:11:56 Closing comments

Livestream 2022 Recap

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