Q&As with Christopher: Good Spirits, Wolf-Eyes and Bladesinger, and More!

Matt Gaser, good spirits

At the end of Inheritance, we see Elva as a young girl, even though she is only around three years old, chronologically. Does she continue to mature faster than usual, and, if so, will her lifespan be shortened as a result? (Submitted by Dave)

As I believe I’ve said elsewhere, Elva’s growth/maturation leveled off once she reached the point where she was able to start interacting with her environment and being able to protect people from their pain. Once that happened, there wasn’t a reason for her spell/curse to accelerate her growth any further.

Is the solar system or universe containing Alagaësia the same as ours but in another reality, or is it a totally different one? (Submitted by William Chappell)

Eragon’s world exists in a different solar system than ours. Alagaësia is not supposed to be on any version of Earth, real or imaginary. Now, it may be that Alagaësia does share our reality (I’ve thought of a few possible scenarios), but it wouldn’t be located anywhere close to us. As they say, in a galaxy far, far away…

Durza was a Shade, a sorcerer possessed by the evil spirits he summoned. Will we see something similar but with “good” spirits? Not “good” in the real sense of “good”, but “good” in the sense of “good” emotions like happiness, which can be dangerous if you think about it (pure happiness could destroy you… it would be a funny death, but still a death). (Submitted by Alvaro Renilla Garcia)

Awesome question!!! I’m impressed! . . . No comment until after Book V. 😀

What color were Saphira’s parents, Vervada and Iormûngr? (Submitted by Carlos Miguel)

I’ve yet to decide that, actually, but with a name like Vervada, I wouldn’t be surprised if Saphira’s mother was crimson.

Was there any relationship between Brom’s Saphira and Eragon’s Saphira? (Submitted by 김리아)

None, aside from the fact that they were both blue, and they were both exceedingly protective of their Riders.

Were the women Eragon encountered and blessed during Brisingr present in the battle of Uru’baen?

Yes, the women called Wolf-Eyes and Bladesinger helped Roran in Uru’baen. They will reappear in a future story.

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