Q&As with Christopher: Arya’s Grass Boat, Elven Space Travel, and More!

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When Eragon was hiding from the soldiers, they suggest that they may be looking for Murtagh because of what he said. What did he say?

That’s a topic for another story.

Was there a reason you chose to make Saphira female?

Yes, because otherwise we wouldn’t have had any female characters around for the majority of the first book. Plus, I thought it made for a nice contrast with Eragon.

What happened to the little boat Arya made? Where did it go?

Again, the topic of another story. But it’s still out there. . . .

We’ve seen multiple weapons pierce wards, such as the Ra’zac’s knife piercing Brom’s and Murtagh’s arrow piercing Durza’s. How does this happen? Could you go into detail about how enchanted weapons, weapons that can bypass wards, are made? Are they easy or hard to make? Does it take a lot of skill to make a weapon that can do that?

It’s really just a matter of placing an enchantment on a weapon that allows it to bypass whatever wards may be in place. Easier said than done, in a lot of cases. However, magicians often leave holes in their wards without realizing it. No matter how carefully you phrase something, someone, somewhere can usually pick it apart. Just think how difficult it is to write a legally binding contract. A good lawyer can almost ALWAYS find a loophole to exploit, even if it’s no more than a poorly chosen word. Even in the ancient language, ambiguity is impossible to completely eliminate. Counter-wards work in basically the same way.

With enough time, could the elves develop space travel?

Yes. Any magician(s) could given the time and inclination. It’s something I want to write a short story about one of these days.

Angela the herbalist is a woman of mystery… but is she capable of being evil? Could she ever become a ‘big baddie’ in Alagaësia?

She’s as capable of evil as anyone. If she turned bad, though, watch out! Even Eragon with all the Eldunarí at his disposal would be hard pressed to stop her.

If gems can hold energy and dragon scales glimmer like gemstones, can dragon scales hold energy?

To a degree. They’re not actually gemstones, although they look like it. They’re more akin to certain kinds of ceramics.

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