Christopher Interviews Bradley Trevor Greive

Christopher recently sat down for his second interview with author Bradley Trevor Greive (aka BTG). “Second?,” you might ask, “Where was the first one?” Well, there were technical difficulties with the initial interview, so Bradley was kind enough to film another round with us.

CursesBlessings, Bradley Trevor GreiveThe two writers discussed many interesting things, from BTG’s real life adventures with diverse creatures from around the globe to his publishing experiences. This Renaissance man has had a military career and trained in the Russian space program. He explores remote places around the world and has enough stories about his experiences to fill up several tomes. So many, in fact, that we split the interview into two parts—one filled with with tales related to his latest projects, and the other with publishing and writing advice.

Keep up to date with Bradley’s goings-on by visiting his website, Facebook page, and Twitter feed. Curious about what else the two authors discussed? Let Christopher know on social media and we’ll post a transcript of the initial, technically challenged interview on

Main Interview

Bradley Trevor Greive’s Writing Advice

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