Q&As with Christopher: Dwarf/Urgal Children and Voldemort vs. Eragon

Matt Gaser, Voldemort

Christopher regularly answers fan questions about his latest projects and future works on Twitter. This month, we’re catching you up on some of the exciting information he’s shared:


@Ramziyahh: What did Eragon inherit from Selena other than her nose?

Determination, skill with magic, and a deep-seated sense of what’s right and wrong.

@Persiannz: Can elves and humans have children together? Has there ever been one?

Yes and yes.

@DarchangelGamin: Can a dwarf have a child with a human/elf?

It’s much harder for humans/dwarves to have kids. Different number of toes, remember. Dwarves/Urgals is easier.

@A_Kylfthean: How did you come up with Sloan’s name?

Just liked it. Came to me right off the top of my head.

@Ariellecathrine: Did you want Solembum’s name to basically be “sad butt”? Or was that just a fantastic coincidence?

I wanted it to be dignified (solem = solemn) and silly (sad butt). So, like most cats I know.

@DarchangelGamin: Why can’t dragons feel magic flow around them and use spells?

Dragons are creatures of energy, so they interact with it a little differently.

@ZoeFrancescutto: What do Undbitr and Támerlein mean? And how does Rhunön color her swords?

Undbitr means something like “Nothing biter” or “the bite of nothingness”. Támerlein is just a name. Color = magic.

@Ziallandzerrie1: How was Belgabad killed? He was huge; how was it possible?

Improbable does not mean impossible. 😉

@MichaelStewy: Did the elves always look the way they do now or did the original bond change all elves to look more “elvish” to some degree?

That’s exactly what happened, although the elves never looked entirely human.

@Darlenejoseph17: How old is Eragon by the end of Inheritance?

You can time it by the pregnancies in the series.


@XElite_SkillzX: How big do you think Book V will be?


@CMSLOPOrion: Who was Galbatorix’s big spy? How’d he know about things like Elva, the Dauthdaert, or the Eldunarí? Those were high ranked secrets.

Good question. Everyone seems to have forgotten about that (except you). 😀

@JaredRobertRoss: Will we or Eragon ever see Undbiter?

No comment.

@Leinad1305: What happened to the Belt of Beloth the Wise?

Good question.

@IndigoOstrich67: Does El-Harím contain the remains of an old Grey Folk civilization?

Maaaybe. 😀

@ZoeFrancescutto: What about the Ra’zac’s eggs that Galbatorix talks about in Inheritance? Why don’t Eragon and Arya go look for them?

Who says they don’t send someone to look for them? 😀


@Managoty: Who would win in a fight: Voldemort or Eragon (all alone, with no Saphira or Eldunarí)?

Not sure. It would be an interesting fight, though. (My money is on Eragon.)

@LoganNantais: What did you use to make your cover map?

Ballpoint pen.

@MargaretIva872: Do you speak any languages other than English fluently?

Just Elvish and Dwarvish (with a smattering of Urgalish).

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Mike Macauley

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