Christopher Interviews Tony DiTerlizzi

We are pleased to present this month’s interview with author and artist Tony DiTerlizzi. Realms, Tony DiTerlizziAs a child, he loved to explore outdoors and daydream fantastical things—creatures and places that he sketched—often during school hours. Eventually his dedication led to a career as a storyteller, using both words and illustrations to craft his books. The result is a lovely collection of works, including the Spiderwick Chronicles (coauthored with Holly Black) and The Adventures of Luke Skywalker, Jedi Knight.

Tony and Christopher’s conversation ranges from childhood dreams, to Dungeons and Dragons, to handling criticism about creative pursuits.

You can find more information on Tony’s website, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, and Instagram. In addition to the interview, check out his video about WondLa below—cool stuff!

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