Q&As with Christopher: Galbatorix’s Last Spell, Career Rejection, and More

career rejection

Christopher regularly answers fan questions about his latest projects and future works on Twitter. This month, we’re catching you up on some of the exciting information he’s shared:


@1889Lb: Do you have a specific mechanism for how Galbatorix’s last spell sickens people?

Radiation. He basically went critical.

@Dadiocoleman: Did Galbatorix convert his flesh to energy when he died, like the elf did on Vroengard?

Yup. That’s exactly what he did.

@CobaltFirefox: Did you ever draw Angela’s dual bladed staff?

I haven’t. At least not yet.

@Kmckelliget: How much time passed between first coming up with the idea for Eragon and fully plotting out the Inheritance Cycle?

About a year, but I was doing other things. Really it was three months of plotting.

@Ridermekhi: Could we please get an Oromis and Glaedr fact for today?

Glaedr once sneezed so hard he set Oromis’s hut on fire…. He did apologize, though.

@GregoireDaines: How fast can Saphira fly?

Faster than an unladen swallow.


@Fiction_islife: Are we ever going to learn more about Eragon I and Bid’Duam?

No comment. 😀

@Fiction_islife: Is the title of Book V any of the original names you thought of for earlier Inheritance Cycle books? Empire and Eldunarí?

Nope. 😀

@SmoaknRickards: What’s the title of Book V?

You already know the title of Book V. (Sorta. :D)

@TylerRichmond12: If Eragon had to have children with an elf, would they be quarter human or half?

Uhh. Normally it would be half and half, but Eragon isn’t really 100% human any more. Not sure, honestly.

@Angelzhorsez: My class and I are writing creation myths, so I am doing one about the world from the Inheritance Cycle. Anything I should know?

There are strange things in forgotten corners.

@Gabehidalgo21: The new peace that has been established in Alagaesia, does that include never going to war?

Nope, there can still be future wars.

@ShawnyaSays: Will we ever learn more about the two women Eragon blessed in Brisingr?

Maaaybe. 😀

@Samantha_rae324: What did the Menoa Tree take from Eragon?!

No comment. 🙂

@Snakeman0893: Was Shruikan related to Belgabad?

Possibly. 🙂

@Dadicocoleman: Can you please tell me the Ancient Language word for “energy”?

That’s a big secret. 😉


@JoeyBarlow14: What gets you motivated when you’re having one of those days when you’re stuck in a rut and can’t bring yourself to keep writing?

Really intense music.

@Mattrosenberg18: I’m having difficulty with the language barrier of other races in my SciFi novel… Any advice?

Either just translate for the reader, or actually work something out and treat it like French, Russian, etc.

@Kelly_D_Palmer: Have you had to deal with rejection in your career? How did you deal with it?

Unless the person has valid criticism (and sometimes even then), ignore ‘em. They’re not you; they don’t know your worth.

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