Drawing Brom the Storyteller

Our latest installment in the Art Desk series takes a look at drawing Brom, Eragon’s father and former Dragon Rider.

The illustration captures the beloved Inheritance Cycle character by the bonfire in Carvahall, sharing the history of the Riders and Galbatorix’s rise to power. Aren, which was the subject of our first Art Desk article, adorns his finger.

Christopher was nervous about drawing Brom but was determined to do it right. The author’s dad, Kenneth, who originally inspired the storyteller (sans the beard), served as a model.

Christopher’s vision for the composition was strong, requiring only a basic concept sketch to bring the piece to life, along with a reference photo of Kenneth with a blanket over his head. The final piece was created using Mars Lumograph pencils and later colorized in Photoshop.

The work was first published in the 10th anniversary Collector’s Edition of Eragon, which also featured art from John Jude Palencar (original artist of the Inheritance Cycle book covers), Michael HagueDonato GiancolaCiruelo Cabral, and Raoul Vitale.

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Mike Macauley

Mike Macauley is the founder of Shurtugal.com, editor in chief of Lytherus.com, and author of The Inheritance Almanac. Mike can be found on Twitter at @mikemacauley.