Q&As with Christopher: Would Brom Have Raised Murtagh, the Villian in Book 5, and Outlining Stories

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For this month’s Q&A, we’ve collected our questions and answers from Christopher’s Twitter.


@Calgary1992: Can you give me a page number where the Inarë are mentioned? I have searched for Days without luck.

They aren’t mentioned in the main body of the series. Only in Jeod’s letter. It’s a new word/term.

@Tactic54: Since Bregan could see Murtagh’s eldunari and the belt of Beloth the wise…could he possibly find the belt?


@Irlorionnebula: I’ve seen someone suggest that Eragon would name his kid “Brisingr,” if he had one. What would happen if he did this? Would the kid catch on fire?

Huh. Not sure. Maybe best not to find out.

@CrazzerGamer27: How is Solembum?

Hungry and peeved and only somewhat interested in the aerial bombardment going on.

@Ramziyahh: Had the circumstances been right, would Brom have taken Murtagh in and raised him as his own?

Yes, although it wouldn’t have been easy for him.

@AKhan2000: Why did Saphira retreat behind Eragon when Brom touched her?

She was shy at first.


@No_hay_piedad: New Book … is its Alagaësia stories from Jeod’s POV??

Don’t think it’s a spoiler to say it’s not from his POV. But good guess.

@Awesam77: There will be a new villain in the new book, right?

Of course.

@IamPhonda: Will we ever hear about what happened to Eragon and Saphira after the ending of Inheritance?



@Thetickingcloc1: Advice for a young writer struggling to find the correct pacing in such a long piece of writing (e.g. a novel)?

Plot it out beforehand. Then, read the first draft, notice where you got bogged down. Also editors.

@Twelvepips: Do you outline your stories at all? Like just to keep track of what to hit on with each chapter?

I outline everything in exhaustive detail. Makes it easier when it comes to the actual writing.

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