Christopher Interviews Ciruelo Cabral

Christopher recently returned from an adventure abroad in Edinburgh and Barcelona. While in Spain, he took the opportunity to visit with his friend, artist and author Ciruelo Cabral. The two focused not only on the artwork that Ciruelo created for the Collector’s Edition of Eragon, but also on the pursuit of art as a career.

Check out Ciruelo’s website,, to explore his work, purchase prints, and watch fun videos, We’ve included two below showing the creation of Eragon and Saphira and another version of Saphira (painted at Lucca Comics and Games).

Eragon and Saphira


And don’t forget to take a peek at the websites of Roger Dean and Frank Frazetta, two fantasy art masters that had a great influence on the young Ciruelo!

© Ciruelo Cabral


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