New Merch: Fractalverse Pin!

Fractalverse pin

Greetings fellow Fractalnauts! Christopher Paolini and his team are delighted to present this beautiful Fractalverse pin, which you may have noticed him wearing in recent videos. Join the cause by getting your very own and proclaim your loyalty to the ‘verse!

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This special emblem was designed by Caru, and that design was then taken and reinterpreted for the pin by Immanuela Meijer. The Fractalverse logo has seven stars, each one seven-sided, that symbolize not only To Sleep in a Sea of Stars, but also the seven major colonies found within the book, the seven crew members of the Wallfish, and the seven words in the title. Fractalverse pin

For those of you interested, the pin is hard enamel and measures approximately 1″ x 0.89″. The fine folks at The Monterey Company first strike the metal base, plate the resulting shape with a gold-like finish, and then hand-polish the finish to a high shine. The black enamel resin is then overfilled into the reservoirs of the finished base and fired. The final step is to sand the excess enamel away by hand to reveal a smooth, polished surface that is flush with the metal.

This stunning pin will surely be a staple in the collection of any true Fractalnaut. Click here to purchase a pin of your own. And we’d love to see you sporting your pins, so please share to social media tag with #Fractalnaut. Also, be sure to check out Christopher Paolini’s store for more swag from the ‘verse, including art prints, jewelry, and custom tees. You can also stay apprised of the latest news by subscribing to Christopher’s newsletter; members will get access to exclusive content, event notification, and sneak peeks of upcoming projects, including updates about the new To Sleep in a Sea of Stars movieFractalverse pin