New Merch: Fractalverse Earrings and Charms!

Badali Jewelry

We couldn’t be more thrilled to present the latest creations from Badali Jewelry: Fractalverse earrings and charms! They perfectly match the stunning pendants many Fractalnauts have already collected. Perhaps a set of silver or brass earrings and charms would be a great holiday gift to complete the look?  Fans can choose between the simple and blue enameled styles. 

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The seven stars, each one seven-sided, symbolize not only To Sleep in a Sea of Stars but also the seven major colonies found within the book, the seven crew members of the Wallfish, and the seven words in the title. The symbol shape, also embossed on the U. S. hardcover edition, was designed by Caru. That design was then taken and reinterpreted for the jewelry by Immanuela Meijer and the talented artisans at Badali Jewelry. 

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In other exciting news, To Sleep in a Sea of Stars was just awarded with Google’s Best Books of 2020 in the audiobook category! No small feat, and a testament to the words Christopher wrote and Jennifer Hale narrated so beautifully.

The scriptwriting process for the To Sleep movie continues apace, along with other—more secret—writing projects.

We also plan to offer even more cool Fractalverse and Inheritance Cycle swag in the coming weeks. What kinds of merch would you like to see? Pins? Patches? Shirts? Mugs? Temporary tattoos? Notecards? Playing cards? Let us know on social media (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook).

If you enjoy music, be sure to check out “Sea of Stars,” Jennifer Hale’s debut Fractalverse song. We could not be happier with Hale’s musical adaptation that captures the heart of the new book. This interstellar ballad was written by Todd Herfindal and Jennifer Hale and is performed by Hale herself.



When discussing this unique collaboration, Hale had this to say:

“Being part of this universe brings me so much joy.”

We also asked Jennifer to expand upon what “it” in the refrain refers to, to which she explained:

“With respect to that line in the song, the “it” refers to the characters’ ultimate need for the darkness inside to manifest, take hold and indeed take flight. In each verse that refrain reinforces her need for its existence whether it’s “something dark inside craving only flight” or “blackness I’ve become” or “I am gone to dark,”  as Kira comes to realize she needs it to survive and eventually to thrive.” 

And that’s all the news we have for today! There will definitely be more, of course, so check back soon for updates, dear Fractalnauts! Fractalverse earrings


Immanuela Meijer

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