New Swag: Blue Yawë Pin!

Blue Yawë Pin
Blue Yawë Pin

“Every race has evolved their own system of writing the ancient language. The dwarves use their runic alphabet, as do humans. They are only makeshift techniques, though, and are incapable of expressing the language’s true subtleties as well as our Liduen Kvaedhí, the Poetic Script. The Liduen Kvaedhí was designed to be as elegant, beautiful, and precise as possible. It is composed of forty-two different shapes that represent various sounds. These shapes can be combined in a nearly infinite range of glyphs that represent both individual words and entire phrases. The symbol on your ring is one such glyph. The symbol on Zar’roc is another.”

~ Oromis

The yawë symbol means a “bond of trust” in the ancient language, and that bond is not offered lightly. Brom received Aren, carved with the yawë glyph, in honor of his service to the elven people. Arya tattooed the symbol on her shoulder to signify her oath to her race. And now you, with this beautiful pin, can join the noble circle of friends to the elves.

Sold Out – Restocking Soon

Christopher Paolini first developed the symbol when he was writing Eragon, scribbling the shape all over his notebooks. The yawë is intrinsic to the Inheritance Cycle. Now years later, Immanuela Meijer designed these high-quality pins, based on the iconic glyph. They are die cast and plated with an antique gold finish, and then filled with semi-transparent soft enamel, which is fired to produce the final product. Please note, there are two posts on the back of each pin, ensuring they won’t rotate during wear. The longest side measures 1.5 inches.

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Blue Yawë Pin