Man at Arms: The Brisingr Reproduction by Baltimore Knife and Sword

Check out the incredible replica of Brisingr made by the folks at Baltimore Knife and Sword and featured on their show, Man at ArmsThese superb craftsmen duplicated the forging process, as described in the third book of the Inheritance Cycle, using a real meteorite—”cool” is a vast understatement!

First they acquired a piece of Campo del Cielo, found in a crater in Argentina, where it landed between 4,200 to 4,700 years ago. To refine it, they heated, crushed, and then melted the meteorite, eventually ending up with a primitive steel. Craftsman Ilya attached the metal to a rod and then wrapped it with wet cloth, straw ash, and clay slurry to prevent the loss of carbon during the firing process. Later the interstellar alloy was augmented with Tamahagane, a steel made in the Japanese tradition. Then it was time to make the core of the blade!

Watch the full episode to see for yourself just how Baltimore Knife and Sword made this beautiful replica. And check out Christopher’s drawing of Brisingr in his art portfolio!


For those interested, please note the standard pronunciation of the sword’s name is BRISS-ing-gur [‘brɪs ɪŋ ɡɚ].

Immanuela Meijer

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