Q&As with Christopher: Burning Questions – Part 2

Burning Questions – Part 2
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Hello everyone!
Burning Questions – Part 2
Christopher recently took a break from editing his next two projects (slated for release soon) to answer some fan questions gathered from his social media. As time allows, he will be doing more of these Q&A sessions in the future, so keep an eye out and be sure to submit your questions on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Today’s Q&A features topics ranging from how to audition for the new Disney+ Eragon, to how to keep track of worldbuilding, to who would win if Arya and Nasuada were in a fight. Settle in for the entire session or skip ahead to the answers you most want to hear.

Question index:

00:00 Intro
00:25 Was there a particular character or scene that was your favorite to write about?
01:55 If Arya and Nasuada were in a fight (no magic, just swords), who would win?
03:06 Does Alagaësia exist in the Fractalverse? Or is that a completely separate universe?
03:14 Will you have an active role in casting the new Eragon Disney+ series? How would one go about auditioning?

04:16 If you could, where would you film the Eragon series for landscape?
05:03 Also, do you have anyone in mind to play Eragon and Murtagh in the series?
06:35 If everything goes will with the Disney+ Eragon show, will you consider making a video game?
07:08 Any change of a hardcover leather special edition set of the Inheritance Cycle?
07:34 Will the next series in Eragon’s world include any TSiaSoS references involving our favorite dimension/time hopping herbalist?

07:42 Can the Soft Blade merge with any living being?
08:58 When creating rules for your world, e.g. magic and stuff, what is your method of developing them?
11:38 How did you keep track of all your lore and worldbuilding while writing the Inheritance Cycle?
14:09 What was the most challenging thing about creating the ancient language?

Burning Questions – Part 2

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