Q&As with Christopher: Arya’s Training, Rider Children, and Motivation

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A big thank you to everyone who participated in Christopher’s live Q&A on Facebook in February! For those of you that missed the event, we’ve collected the questions and will repost them in our Q&A series–the first batch is below. Keep an eye out for our next installment and don’t forget to peruse our Q&A archive for hundreds of answers to fans’ most pressing (and hairsplitting) questions!


Andrew Tidswell: What happened to Galbatorix’s original sword, and do you have a name for it? Did he see wielding Vrangr as more of a power statement?

Vrangr was *definitely* a power statement. His original sword was placed into storage after Galbatorix defeated Vrael. No name for it, though.

Johann Polak: Little hello from France! Do elves know some things about the dwarves’ gods? Especially Gunthera?

And hello from Montana! Yes, elves know about the dwarves’ gods, but whether they truly understand the nature of the dwarf gods is a different question altogether. There are some deep and powerful forces in Alagaësia that rarely show themselves but that nevertheless still have great influence. Some of these forces we’ve already seen (the Eldunarí, for one). Some we’ve glimpsed in passing. And some Eragon and his cohorts still remain almost entirely ignorant of. (Though not Angela. Angela knows many things.)

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Video Q&As with Christopher: Writing Tips, Life’s Mysteries, and Striving to Achieve

We’re freshening things up with a video Q&As gallery! Join Christopher as he discusses topics ranging from tips on writing to what he’s learned since he became a successful author—and what he still strives for.

Special thanks to Alex Vivaut of Eragons.com (Spain) and Cara of Fletcher High School for providing some of the footage and questions.


Can’t get enough? Check out our Q&A archive and FAQ page. Still want more? Submit your questions and follow the latest on Christopher’s Twitter and Facebook page.

Immanuela Meijer

About Immanuela Meijer

Immanuela is the Paolinis' executive assistant.

Q&As with Christopher: Navigating Themes, Comparison, Plots, & More!

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These Q&As are drawn from Christopher’s recent AMA on Reddit. We’re reposting them here for folks who haven’t seen them yet.


SupersuMC: Based on the description of the werecats’ shifting later on in Eldest, was the she-wolf Eragon encountered in Ellesméra “werewolf,” or is it a wolf or woman affected by the forest’s magic in such a way? If the former, how rare are they in comparison to humans (and werecats)? If the latter, which was it before the magic affected it?

The she-wolf is an elf who has modified her body to appear more lupine. So, different than the werecats.

ThornBigRedDragon: Oh, I love Thorn sooo much. Can you tell me some new facts about him? What was his first word?

Hmm. Not sure what his first word was, but I can tell you he loves lighting dandelion puffballs on fire and watching them burn.

owen_bower: Hey Christopher! I saw on your Twitter that you intend to write a fifth novel. Would it be about Eragon, Murtagh and Thorn, a new Rider, or maybe about Brom’s earlier life?

All I’ll say about Book Five is that many of the characters you’re familiar with will return, but you’ll also get to meet a bunch of new characters as well.

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Q&As with Christopher: The Most Popular Questions of 2016

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In collaboration with Alex Vivaut of Eragons.com in Spain, we asked Christopher the most popular questions of 2016! Curious about if there will be another movie? Want to know the current status of Book Five and the new science fiction novel? Will your favorite Inheritance Cycle love affairs end with a happily ever after? Find out below (Christopher’s answers are in italic).

Is there going to be a new Eragon movie?

I hope so! Hollywood is a strange and unpredictable place, which means it’s hard to know for certain what projects may actually see the light of day, but I’m pushing hard for a remake of Eragon. It would be wonderful to see a faithful adaptation of the story up on the big screen.

Are you going to write any other book based in Alagaësia?

Of course! I’ve plotted out a whole bunch of new stories set in Alagaësia, including Book Five! First, though, I have to finish my current novel (a big science-fiction epic). I’m writing as fast as possible.

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About Immanuela Meijer

Immanuela is the Paolinis' executive assistant.