Q&As with Christopher: Book Five, Future Stories, and Potential Movie Reboots


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Our latest Q&A article highlights Christopher’s thoughts on Book Five, future stories, and potential Eragon movie reboots from his recent Reddit AMA. Be sure to check out our previous AMA recap, which featured exciting answers to popular Inheritance Cycle fan questions! Don’t forget you can ask your most pressing questions on Christopher’s Twitter and Facebook accounts.


DestinyWielder: There’s been a bit of murmur about the vague entities called the Unnamed Shadow (from Eragon’s Guide to Alagaësia) and Nameless One (Jeod’s Letter from the Deluxe Edition of Inheritance). These vague entities are real and will play important roles in Book Five or future books? They are two different things, yes, rather than interchangeable titles for one thing? Have we seen these things before? Is there any non-spoiler information that you can give us, the readers, about these two vague entitles that would be interesting?

They are real. They are important. As for whether they’re the same thing or different: no comment. Yes, you’ve seen what I’m referring to, although not in its current form(s). Information? . . . Beware of shadows that seek to use mirrors.

DestinyWielder: Eragon and Saphira will not be main characters in Book Five, right? They will appear as minor cameos, yes? You have said that some element of Book Five has been set up in the previous books and nobody has guessed what it is, right?

Correct. Eragon/Saphira won’t be the main characters in Book V. And yes, I laid some groundwork for Book V in the previous books. Some has been spotted. Some hasn’t. It’s fun to see reader’s enthusiasm for guessing.

MalevolentCarrot: “Angela – How old is she? Where did she come from? What did she do to earn Solumbum the Werecat’s loyalty? Is she even human?”

Book 5. 😀 Also I have a book all about Angela planned.

monicavisco: In your next book will you give an ending to the storylines that were unclosed? Like Eragon and Arya meeting each other again, or the training of new dragon riders?

Yes. But not necessarily in the way you expect. 😀

odd-faust: Is it confirmed that Saphira and Firnen mated at the end of Inheritance? And if so does that mean that Saphira is now capable of laying eggs?

Yes, they mated. Whether or not that leads to little baby dragons . . . well, you’ll have to wait until Book V to find out. 😀

TheUsualAbnormal: Is Tenga going to play an important role in book five?

No comment. 😀

derpdude9: Will we be getting an expanded map in V?

Quite possibly. 😉


DestinyWielder: Are you going to write more books in the world of Alagaesia after Book Five is written? If the answer is yes, how many more books are you planning on writing?

Yes. How many? I have at least three planned, but they aren’t direct continuations in the way Book V will be. Ultimately, it’s going to depend on how long I live. Lol.

DeweyDD: Who were the strangers who Angela read their fortune for and who helped Roran?

The main characters of another story. 😉

M4xnific3ntz: Do Eragon and Saphira travel to the moon?

Not in the books, but who knows what the future may bring? 😀

don_martingalo: Would you ever consider writing a book that takes place during the war between elves and dragons?


theqwert: Do you think Elva and Thorn ever met after Inheritance?

They will definitely meet at some point. No question about it.

Alexander_0714: do you plan on writing a book about Eragon and Saphira’s travels outside of Alagaesia, and them training new Riders? What kinds of things/people/monsters are they encountering? What’s the environment like? How long will it take them to find a place to train the new Riders?

Maaaybe. (Actually have a title for it and story all worked out. And no, it’s not Book V. 😀 )

BigJCote: Might we get a book entirely to Thorn and Murtagh post Galby death?

I’m not planning on writing a book just about Murtagh and Thorn, but rest assured, we will see them again.

iMaxinq: Before Brom died he whispered 7 words at Eragon. Will they be mentioned in book V?

They’re a subject of another book (not Book V, lol).

I_dont-get_the-joke: Could we get a book dedicated to Galbatorix and his rise to power. Maybe in the perspective of the previous king, Eragons master and Galbatorix himself? What are the chances of that happening?

It would certainly be an interesting story to write. Maybe one of these days. 😉


hpfred: If a new movie ever happens, would you prefer to go the route of JK Rowling on Harry Potter, being protective but letting others write, or JK route on Fantastic Beasts, writing the script yourself?

If a new movie ever happens, I’d like to be involved as possible. At this point, I understand the story way better than anyone else will who comes in from the outside.

GammaGames: If it were to ever happen, would you rather a screen adaption be in film or television? Why?

Film — just because I feel that Eragon is inherently more of a movie than a TV show. However, I wouldn’t be entirely against the idea. Would just depend on the execution.

Alex4921: Have you pitched Eragon as a TV show or mini series to studios or Netflix?

I have — and I believe a few places even looked at doing a TV show at various times. However, the rights are owned by Fox, and until Fox decides to do something with them, nothing is going to happen.

Maygus180: If you could have any video game studio to do work on a solid in depth video game based in the Eragon world who’d you want working on it and what type of game would you want?

Cyan studios (back when they did Myst or Riven). Would be awesome to have one of those games set in Tronjheim. Or BioWare from the original Mass Effect days. Or Bethesda (Skyrim in Alagaësia? Yes please.)

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